Our world on a motorcycle arose from the interest shown by the people with whom I shared my adventures, in order to be able to transmit my experiences during my motorcycle trip around the world and for those who wish to do so, it might benefit them to know them.

Many found it fascinating and there was always the question if I have thought about writing something about the trip and my answer has always been: “Maybe”, that is another reason why I am doing it here.

My attraction to motorcycles began in my teens, when I first drove.

My first long-distance and international trip was with a companion friend, we went to Viña del Mar, Chile. It was a great adventure and a great challenge back then.

Later, I took my girlfriend to church the day we got married.

In 1983, in Sydney, Australia, I bought my fourth motorcycle. A new Honda Gold Wing GL1100. In it we traveled a lot in the South East part of Australia during those years and I was already thinking seriously and planning the future trip, gathering all kinds of information that could be useful in my adventure. Reading other travelers’ books, collecting maps, calculating distances and of course imagining myself, visiting so many different and interesting countries, people from other cultures, all of that kept me busy with the idea of ​​the trip, I felt very comfortable and excited doing it.

And the day arrived, it was Thursday, September 10, 1987 at 5:10 p.m. we arrived in Los Angeles, United States.

This first part of the story covers the journey in North Central and South America. The trip through Africa, Europe and all the way to India I will tell in the second part.